The Southern Safari Circuit

/The Southern Safari Circuit

The Southern Safari Circuit

Tanzania’s Southern circuit captures the essence of adventure and exploration in unspoilt Africa of a bygone era. The sheer size of Tanzania (3.5 times the size of neighbouring Kenya) means it still have vast areas that remain uncrowded and virgin. It captures the imagination and offers unique safari opportunities in a class of its own. It does not take away anything from the Northern Circuit (famous for the Serengeti savannah and the ancient wildebeest migration, or the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater) – rather, the Southern Circuit compliments it. It has its own characteristics and lure as described. Katavi represents endless plains and untouched nature, offering visitors returning to Tanzania a unique experience away from the well worn tracks up north! In Katavi you are challenged with the art of actually searching wildlife, and this is a prime example of what the Southern Circuit Parks signifies. There is plenty to see, including massive herds of African Buffalo and elephant, as well as hippo; however the sheer vastness of the area makes game watching all the more adventurous.

In contrast the Udzungwa Mountains offer pristine forests, magnificent waterfalls, superb hiking and a multitude of shy forest animals and birds – some of which are seen no where else.

Mahale and Gombe Stream offer exceptional opportunities to see chimpanzee, over looking the enormous expanse of Lake Tanganika (the deepest lake on earth and one of the biggest); and Saadani is the only park where the Bush meets the Beach.

Come and explore these havens through us, with a professionally planned safari just for you. Safaris to the Southern Circuit are normally tailor made.


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