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Selous Game Reserve

The Selous is one of the largest game reserves in the world, located in the south of Tanzania. It was named after Englishman Sir Frederick Selous, a famous big game hunter and early conservationist, who died at ‘BehoBeho’ within this territory in 1917 while fighting against the Germans during World War I.

Its rugged terrain and contrasting scenery has changed little over the centuries and it represents the very best in adventure, intrigue and provides excellent and exciting game viewing opportunities.

A section of the northern park (along the Rufiji River) has been designated a photographic zone and is a popular tourist destination.

Interesting places in the park include the Rufiji River, which flows into the Indian Ocean opposite Mafia Island and the Stiegler Gorge, a canyon of 100 metres depth and 100 metres width. Habitats include grassland, typical Acacia savanna, wetlands and extensive Miombo woodlands. Although total wildlife populations are high, the reserve is extensive, making wildlife in some instances tougher to locate. Its best to be accompanied by a specialised guide or ranger who know the area well. In order to ensure you have every possibility of seeing game and enjoying the varied terrains its wildlife frequents you are best participating in a safari planned by us, using the very best professional guides available.

Walking safaris are permitted in the Selous, and boat trips on the Rufiji are a popular activity. It is a massive reserve with many facets. Birdlife is prolific and no where better than along the shores of the Rufigi River or its inlet lakes and flood pans, where herds of African Buffalo and elephant come down to drink as well as the prolific plains game including antelope (such as impala and water buck), as well as zebra, giraffe and wart hogs. Lions are also plenty and rule this land.

About The Selous

The reserve covers a total area of 54,600 km2 (21,100 sq mi) and has additional buffer zones.

Getting There

Scheduled and especially chartered flights are available from Dar or Arusha. During the dry season the Selous Game Reserve is safely approachable from Dar es Salaam as well as Arusha by road. Its important to note though, that most visitors from Arusha fly in due to the long distance covered when arriving by vehicle.

What to do

The Selous offers fantastic opportunities for Walking and incredible Boat Safaris, as well as birding and vehicle game drives. It offers wide-ranging opportunities in all of the above-mentioned activities, in a terrain that is as diverse as it is wild and unspoilt.

When to go

Ideally during the Dry season (May-October).

Roads within the park are often flooded during the rainy season.

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